Roof Doctor- Goodnight Lights’ guitar man exclusive project

Roof Doctor, previously the solo project of guitarist Mark Harper, has grown significantly in the time when they have been making cooperative music together. What began as a simple acoustic outlet for Harper has turned into a surprisingly eclectic band including Kevin Paschall (Abi Reimold, Shelf Life, Hello and Yes) as a drummer, Chet Williams (Hello and Yes) as a bassist, keyboardist and saxophonist, and Alex Stackhouse (Cool Points) as a guitarist.

The members of the band have changed musical accompaniment, and the other activities in which they participate, serves to create a crazy energy on the background of Harper’s usually somber melodies. It is this combination of lyrical despair washed away by a sea of joyful melodies, jazzy sounds, and rousing harmony that can characterize this band. In 2014, they put out their debut album “Mobile Freedom Home” that Stereogum called “surprisingly hopeful and sincere in a way that many albums today aren’t.” The significant range in emotional tone in the album extends from the incredibly bleak “Dad” to the encouraging “Bulldog”. The storyteller’s own mantras swim in occasionally, as if to confirm that things aren’t as bad as you may think.

Goodnight Lights – the most expressive musical band

Philadelphia’s Goodnight Lights has been described as “fractured pop specialists” by The Philadelphia Inquirer. Their music is full of memorable melodies combined with a violent wall of catchy riffs and beating drums. The group has got a lot of praise from such famous magazines as “The Key,” “The Big Takeover”, etc.

“The band keeps developing its sounding with well-planned songwriting, amazing harmonies, catchy melodies and incredible guitar riffs…” –Bruce Warren, WXPN & The Key Music Blog “Several of my favorite groups were finally merged together…The Velvet Underground, The Pixies and Radiohead. The band creates a sound that directs these impacts in a universal but original way. Very creative.” –the journalist of Origivation Magazine.
The band has performed on one stage with such bands as Metric, Royal Teeth and Leagues, among other.

The new single of Goodnight Lights, “Eileen,” is available for downloading on their web page and Bandcamp. The band will be releasing new songs in the course of the year.

Goodnight Lights channel M. Night Shyamalan in their new “Yardwork” video

Indie band from Philadelphia, Goodnight Lights, has released an exciting (but at the same time terrifying) video for their new song “Yardwork.” Recognized as one of the loudest bands of Philadelphia by the The Vinyl District, Goodnight Lights’ sound is memorable, well-conceived and is similar to Radiohead and Arcade Fire (and the latest song is not an exception). “Yardwork”, shot mostly in the open air, tells the dramatic story of a prisoner’s unsuccessful attempts to run away from a sinister, rural medical institution. Finally, the prisoner meets his fate and turns into a scarecrow he was looking at in the beginning of the clip. “Yardwork” is decisively darker than the group’s previous works, particularly compared to the clip for “Convinced,” released a few months before.

Goodnight Lights and their second album “Electric Spark”

The famous indie band released its second album, “Electric Spark”, in summer. You can download the whole album free of charge on our website. The group includes siblings Faith (keyboarder and vocalist), Ian Charlton (guitarist and vocalist), and Michael Schraeger (guitarist and vocalist), Jonah Delso (bassist and vocalist), and Michael Ziegler (drummer).

The record is a great collection of songs that resembles the post-’90s alternative rock with a high level of originality—mostly due to the well-planned songwriting and vibrant music. Although the record has some good 3- and 4-minute tracks (like “Deeper Down” or “5”), the band usually prefers longer songs. On “Education” (which lasts about 7:17) and “Sleepwalking” (6:08), you may note the competing, central guitars working hard. The arrangements on the longer songs belong to the

prog-rock/math-rock convention, but don’t give in to the cliches of either of those genres.

The band plays at the 6th Annual Halloween Show at The M Room on Friday (in the end of October). As in previous years’ Halloween shows at The M Room, every band invited will be playing a whole set as another well-known band (for example, Goodnight Lights will perform as The White Stripes).

Goodnight Lights “Electric Spark”

Created in 2007, Goodnight Lights is a band from South Jersey that usually performs at Philadelphia events. The group includes 5 members: Michael Schraeger (guitarist and vocalist), Faith Charlton (keyboardist and vocalist), Ian Charlton (guitarist and vocalist), Jonah Delso (bassist and vocalist), and Michael Ziegler (drummer)

The band released their first album in the beginning of 2009, and the second one, “Electric Spark” in summer 2010. “Electric Spark” had received the approval of various international music blogs. Philadelphia Deli Magazine called the group one of the 2011 top emerging artists of the year. Goodnight Lights was selected as the 2010 indie group of the year by Jimdo Indie Rock Music.


1 Deeper Down
2 Hannah
3 Education
4 Sleepwalking
5 5
6 Hiding From The Sun
7 Daniel Johnston
8 It’s Not Important
9 Wired