Goodnight Lights and their second album “Electric Spark”

The famous indie band released its second album, “Electric Spark”, in summer. You can download the whole album free of charge on our website. The group includes siblings Faith (keyboarder and vocalist), Ian Charlton (guitarist and vocalist), and Michael Schraeger (guitarist and vocalist), Jonah Delso (bassist and vocalist), and Michael Ziegler (drummer).

The record is a great collection of songs that resembles the post-’90s alternative rock with a high level of originality—mostly due to the well-planned songwriting and vibrant music. Although the record has some good 3- and 4-minute tracks (like “Deeper Down” or “5”), the band usually prefers longer songs. On “Education” (which lasts about 7:17) and “Sleepwalking” (6:08), you may note the competing, central guitars working hard. The arrangements on the longer songs belong to the

prog-rock/math-rock convention, but don’t give in to the cliches of either of those genres.

The band plays at the 6th Annual Halloween Show at The M Room on Friday (in the end of October). As in previous years’ Halloween shows at The M Room, every band invited will be playing a whole set as another well-known band (for example, Goodnight Lights will perform as The White Stripes).

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