Goodnight Lights “Electric Spark”

Created in 2007, Goodnight Lights is a band from South Jersey that usually performs at Philadelphia events. The group includes 5 members: Michael Schraeger (guitarist and vocalist), Faith Charlton (keyboardist and vocalist), Ian Charlton (guitarist and vocalist), Jonah Delso (bassist and vocalist), and Michael Ziegler (drummer)

The band released their first album in the beginning of 2009, and the second one, “Electric Spark” in summer 2010. “Electric Spark” had received the approval of various international music blogs. Philadelphia Deli Magazine called the group one of the 2011 top emerging artists of the year. Goodnight Lights was selected as the 2010 indie group of the year by Jimdo Indie Rock Music.


1 Deeper Down
2 Hannah
3 Education
4 Sleepwalking
5 5
6 Hiding From The Sun
7 Daniel Johnston
8 It’s Not Important
9 Wired

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