Goodnight Lights – the most expressive musical band

Philadelphia’s Goodnight Lights has been described as “fractured pop specialists” by The Philadelphia Inquirer. Their music is full of memorable melodies combined with a violent wall of catchy riffs and beating drums. The group has got a lot of praise from such famous magazines as “The Key,” “The Big Takeover”, etc.

“The band keeps developing its sounding with well-planned songwriting, amazing harmonies, catchy melodies and incredible guitar riffs…” –Bruce Warren, WXPN & The Key Music Blog “Several of my favorite groups were finally merged together…The Velvet Underground, The Pixies and Radiohead. The band creates a sound that directs these impacts in a universal but original way. Very creative.” –the journalist of Origivation Magazine.
The band has performed on one stage with such bands as Metric, Royal Teeth and Leagues, among other.

The new single of Goodnight Lights, “Eileen,” is available for downloading on their web page and Bandcamp. The band will be releasing new songs in the course of the year.

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